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Artie Ayala & Omar "El Bombero" Fernandez

October 29, 2014

Lincoln Marti Deprives Children of Long Standing Halloween Tradition

Lincoln Marti a Miami based private school is now doing away with one of our American traditions and beliefs.... Lincoln Marti a Cuban founded and privately owned school is now yielding to the practices of New Jersey's Chris Christie and our president Barack Obama. 

Kids can no longer bring their costumes to school on Halloween Day. Where is this going to stop. For more than 60 years and as far back as I can remember myself and my kids among thousands of others have always celebrated Halloween at school and in the cities of these United States, this gave children an opportunity to show off their costumes. As the owner of Lincoln Marti I believe that Demetrio Alberto Pérez Jr. a Cuban - American educator, politician and radio commentator has somehow forgotten his roots. To deprive children in his schools of this long standing tradition is a disgrace. The following letter was sent home by a teacher employed at Lincoln Marti. We are now catering to the beliefs of everyone who doesn't believe in our way of life and forgetting our own. 

Good Going Mr Perez, I'm sure many families who have been enjoying this American tradition will be proud of you !