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Artie Ayala & Omar "El Bombero" Fernandez

September 17, 2012

TV Martí Noticias — Madre cubana suplica ayuda

PETITION: cuban mother who resides in miami florida, is begging inmigration service to expedite the process to bring her two daughters who are residing in Siria in a middle of a war situation September 8 • Started by Haymel De La Vega • Invite Friends To: USA INMIGRATION SERVICE To INS This is to request to expedite the petition filed by surelis martinez , to have her two minor daughters reunited in the usa with her Bertha Maria Toma Halabi Martinez and Suzan toma Halabi Martinez are the name of the minors who are residing in siria along with their father Siria is in a mdiddle of a war situation right now and they are bombs everywhere. they are not allow to go to school or go outside their home. the mother can not even get in touch with them most of the time. the girls are cuban citizens and the parents as well. please expediate this petition and save the two minors from the war, and the bombs.