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Artie Ayala & Omar "El Bombero" Fernandez

September 21, 2010

Colin "I Don't Hire Illegals" Powell

At one time I greatly admired Colin Powell. To the point that I had high hopes of him running for POTUS......When he backed Obama, I lost most of my respect for him but still gave him the benefit of the doubt:perhaps he knew something I didn't.

After seeing this video, I now realize what a liberal, hypocritical POS he really is. Listen to his statement at 2:40 of the interview.

September 8, 2010

Burn It!

The opinions and statements heard regarding the Florida preacher who wants to burn a quran or a hundred are amazing. How often has a high ranking military officer (General Petraeus) officially expressed his opinion in what should be none of his business? The controversy is strictly a civilian constitutional issue which has been hijacked by politicians.

The political correctness, fear of offending minorities (whether religious or racial) and most notably, the hypocrisy of the liberal left is well illustrated in this controversy.

As disgustingly vile and disturbing as burning or desecrating a religious or patriotic symbol is, (Christian, Muslim or otherwise) the freedom to do so in the U.S. should be protected.

Burn a bible or place a statue of Jesus in a bottle of urine and it is called exercising your first ammendment rights or "art". Burn a quran and it is sacrilegious and insulting!

And to those worrying that burning a book will "enrage" our enemies and cost American lives I ask, were our enemies not killing, beheading and dragging American bodies through their shit hole cities' streets and hanging them from their bridges BEFORE a quran was burned?

The Islamization of the world needs voices strong enough to say NO and ENOUGH and the US must lead the way. Europe certainly won't or can't. It would be a pleasant surpise if true, peaceful, Muslim religious leaders joined the party. Live and practise your religion in America as a Muslim, Jew, Christian or whatever and abide by her laws and customs. Try to establish your religious dominance here (Sharia Law) and be prepared to get your ass kicked out or your quran burned.