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Artie Ayala & Omar "El Bombero" Fernandez

August 29, 2010


What's a "pin pan pun"? That's the question that started it all. Alejandro Medina and Adrian Perez where having a discussion when Alejandro's Colombian wife heard the term "pin pan pun" and asked what they were talking about. Obviously, she had never slept over a Cuban's home! The joke sparked an idea for the two friends and shortly thereafter, Ropa Vieja was born.

Ropa Vieja was founded in 2005 in Nueva Jersey, and was started because we felt there was a void of creative, fashion-forward clothing aimed at the Cuban and Hispanic communities. We wanted to fulfill the call for "sabor" in the street and sportswear industry, and have created a trend-setting, progressive line for all the Cubanazos and all Latinos. Ropa Vieja aims to celebrate our culture through fashion with a fresh, new perspective. The company is owned and operated by long-time Cuban-American friends, Alejandro and Adrian. Growing up in heavily Cuban environment, we were both exposed to the culture, and culture change of people from Cuba living in America.

This world has always been a breeding ground of visual and cultural inspiration. From the food to the music to the "slanguage", the ideal behind Ropa Vieja was born. That ideal has inspired our collection.
We speak spanglish. We combine culture, and we know what it's like to get hit by a chancleta!

We invite you to check out our line at http://www.miropavieja.com/ Gracias!

August 14, 2010

Look Out Obama!

Notice the contrast between educated, responsible, erudite and most likely employed, African Americans when they are directly compared to the entitled sector of the same race.

In any case, Obama's reign is about to get it from all sides pretty soon I think.

I find it disgusting that neither of these clips are being promoted (or condemned, in the case of the second video), by the very media who is quick to jump on the "Tea Partys are racist and the NAACP is not" bandwagon.